Triple Axis Bench Press

A bench press machine is a piece of exercise equipment that helps build upper body strength by pushing weight upward using the chest and arm muscles. This project focused on developing a machine that would allow the user to safely lock the weight in place, in the event of not being able to complete the exercise, at any location while still allowing a full range of motion similar to traditional free weights. This gives the user the safety of a modern machine while still maintaining the use of the muscles to balance the load.


Motorcycle Single-Sided Swing Arm

A swing arm is a component of a motorcycle that connects the rear tire to the frame while allowing the suspension system to absorb any shock from the road surface. A single-sided swing arm only has a frame structure on one side of the motorcycle’s rear tire as opposed to a standard swing arm that wraps around both sides. In the custom motorcycle world, aesthetics is a very important aspect of design and this design allows one side of the rim to be completely in view and unobstructed by the frame or brake rotor. This project involved designing a swing arm frame, brake system, an axle, and drive system.

Alternating Flow K-Baffle Suppressor

A suppressor is a device that attaches to the barrel of a firearm and reduces the amount of noise and visible muzzle flash generated from firing a round. There are many different concepts in suppressor design, but this project focused on developing a custom series of K-baffles with expansion port holes to reduce noise. The K-baffle design is a very effective concept that allows the user to easily disassemble for cleaning. This particular design reverses the gas circulation in each chamber to further reduce the decibel level

1911 Recoil Compensator

A recoil compensator, or muzzle brake, is a component attached to the end of a firearm that redirects the propellant gases upwards to counter the recoil of the firearm. By reducing the amount of recoil, it allows the user to gain faster target acquisition with multiple shots by reducing “muzzle climb”.