Trigger Engineering, LLC will take the design criteria provided and work to develop the best options to meet the project goals. Such considerations in design include efficiency, cost effectiveness, aesthetics, strength, cost, and manufacturability. How and where a product is made are major considerations needed to be taken into account as well. We will work to meet the design intent while simultaneously ensuring the project can be manufactured as easily as possible while working with you throughout the process.


Trigger Engineering, LLC utilizes SolidWorks to create 3D models. A 3D model is a direct representation of a part or assembly in a virtual environment. These models can be used to verify design intent and fit-up. 3D models also have the ability to be directly imported into CNC mills, lathes, plasma tables, lasers, or rapid prototyping machines (3D printers).


In order to get products or prototypes built, 2D drawings are necessary to give to the manufacturer. Drawings are also used for assembly prints to understand how the product is put together. Trigger Engineering, LLC can provide professional drawings with detailed geometric dimension and tolerancing (GD&T) call outs along with exploded, detailed, and cross-section views. A detailed bill of materials will also be provided with every assembly drawing. Drawing templates can be customized to company specifications and can have your logo on each one.


Rapid prototyping is one of the best ways to take ideas from the computer screen to an actual size object quickly. It is an additive manufacturing process that uses different materials, primarily plastics, to quickly create inexpensive prototypes of the design product. These rapid prototyped pieces can then be used to ensure the design functions correctly, verify fit-up, and determine serviceability.